Monday, May 26, 2008

Things Jeff loves:

-Beacon Restaurant
-Asian-ish chicken wings

We haven't been to Beacon together in well over a year, and when the LA Times ran this recipe I maybe pouted about that a bit. "I didn't even know they HAD chicken wings!"

Chicken wings are not sophisticated or snazzy, and I'd been put off frying my own chicken wings after my one attempt at Buffalo Wings. (I don't know why, frying chicken is not hard. I have two books called simply Fried Chicken both of which have gotten a ton of use. But something about Buffalo Wings was a major pain. Anyway.) But these wings were super easy to fry (I am coating all my chicken wings in cornstarch from now on) and the sauce. Oh, man, the sauce. I didn't have sake handy, so I added a little rice vinegar, and it coated the wings and they were just perfection. I could have made a triple batch just for the two of us. They were so good, I don't even need to go to Beacon and try theirs. Which is good because I always need room for the ahi tuna pizza.