Thursday, June 26, 2003

I also roasted a chicken (last entry) recently. I am always futzing with things when I roast chickens. This time I used the Harold Mcgee baste frequently method, and I crushed the garlic before shoving it under the skin. I also skipped the tarragon.

Basting didn't seem to do much, really, besides use up a lot of butter. Crushing the garlic, though, was genius. I don't think I'll ever again roast a chicken without doing that.

I also, of course, forgot once again that Jeff's oven (now my oven, too) is not as hot as it should be, and I couldn't find his old I don't quite trust it anyway meat thermometer. But it cooked eventually and was delicious. I have a new, fancy meat thermometer in the mail soon, from Amazon, among other gadgets. I want to try frying my own chicken, but not until that meat thermometer arrives.