Wednesday, July 30, 2003

All of that leads to my big Food Manifesto. This is a work in progress and like all my beliefs, apt to change at whim.

I believe that eating well is one of the most important aspects of living. Your body's all you got. You should care about what you put into it.

I believe that cooking is a skill anyone can learn. I believe that the traits required to cook- patience, preparation, attention- can carry over into the rest of your life. I believe that people (like myself) who lack these traits can strengthen them through cooking.

I believe real butter is less likely to kill you or make you fat than margarine.

I believe it's nearly impossible to make a bad grilled cheese sandwich.

I believe it's important to sit down for meals with those you love.

I believe whoever doesn't cook should clean.

I believe in buying locally- whether this means patronizing your local farmer's market or your local taco stand, it doesn't matter, but that it's better to preserve by using what is good and unique to your neighborhood.

I believe that it's okay to have food hates. But it's not okay to not try new things.

I believe that sometimes, you just have to pick up a takeout chicken.