Monday, August 04, 2003

So. The Fried Chicken.

I only got drumsticks and wings to fry, because I only like drumsticks and wings. (Jeff's preferences be damned! He can fry his own chicken. Just kidding- Jeff, like everyone, likes drumsticks and wings, too.) The poultry guy looked askance at me, and I nearly told him that I was cooking for children, but who is he to judge my taste in chicken?

I did a trial run the night before when Jeff was out, and thank goodness. Drumsticks and wings cook up much, much quicker than whole chickens, and the skin nearly burnt.

The actual run I was prepared, with my cooking time cut down- I still think my oil was too hot, and I should invest in a candy thermometer to find out for sure. The corn pudding I made to go with it was excellent, though I question my (pain in the ass) choice to use fresh corn. The shucking! The shucking! The shucking was much, much more difficult than the frying. The chicken came out almost finger-licking good- I am sure there is more to be learned, and it'll be better in the future, but I'm off to a good start with my chicken-frying ways.