Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I had a friend come to town this weekend. She offered to take me to dinner Friday night, and I said oh, no, I can just cook- I was thinking pizza, and I told her that my pizza is, after all, famous. Well, famous throughout our apartment. She said that sounded great, so I picked up goat cheese and roasted red pepper (too, too hot to roast for an hour and then preheat the oven for 30 minutes) to put on one with some leftover grape tomatoes. The second one would use some leftover cooked chicken, peppers, and onions with barbeque sauce.

Well, they came out beautifully. And then I noticed my friend was only eating the toppings and not my beautiful beautiful crust. She's doing Atkins! She said it was fine and that she had really wanted pizza, but still- I wish she had said something and I would've fixed something else. The rest of the time, she wanted fast food- Egg McMuffins without the muffin, Taco Bell burritos without the tortilla. I have a really, really hard time believing any fast food driven weight loss plan can work long term.