Monday, July 07, 2003

Last night I fried up some zucchini flowers. Squash blossoms. Is there a difference? Regardless. I was totally intimidated by them. I'm scared to fry chicken, but somehow I thought I could conquer squash blossoms. I think it was all the times I've heard about how rare they are and how you should buy them whenever you get the chance- I saw them at the Farmer's Market and had no choice. I used The Cook and The Gardener recipe- herbed goat cheese in the center to hold the blossoms together, and a tempura style batter. They came out very well, but Jeff and I had had a fight- we were still in the middle of it, even, when dinner was prepared and ready- and the bitterness deadened our tastebuds as we ate in silence, blaming each other. I suspect they were much more delicious than we were able to discern. When you're angry, you should probably limit yourself to bland things- rice puddings and tomato soups- so as not to waste something as rare as a fried zucchini flower.