Tuesday, July 08, 2003

So yesterday Jeff and I were still mad at each other. I nursed my anger over the initial fight, and then added the fact that he hadn't said thank you for the zucchini flowers we couldn't taste, or for the fact that I had cleaned up. And that I had had to clean up- that's his job, and he had just left to go watch Radiohead on TV and he knows I hate Radiohead. So then he didn't leave me a note on the dry erase board to find when I woke up, and I didn't leave him one when I left in the morning, and I was grateful that he filled my water bottle and put it in the fridge to take to the gym, but I was still too mad to thank him.

We kept fighting when I got home, and I was annoyed to find that I hadn't fully noted the ingredients for the beef skewers with tomatoes and marjoram (again from The Cook and The Gardener) that I planned on making, so we had no red wine in the house. And not noticing the red wine had also meant not noticing the 1-2 hour marinating part of the recipe. So I went out to TJ's for some Charles Shaw ($1.99 drinkable in a pinch wine is about all I'm willing to cook with. I'm cheap.) and resented that he hadn't offered to go, even after I'd said "So do you want me to go, or can you go?" or even come with me.

I got angrier and angrier and then I came home and while the beef was marinating, we talked and got past the accusations and the blame and dealt with what was bothering us both. We made up, and then got some promising news (because the Universe isn't going to let good things happen when you're squabbling, only after you've worked through it and would be fine without the good thing.)

I fixed up the skewers and cooked them on my grill pan. Served them over rice, and they were delicious. I wish there was a way to cook the tomatoes more and the beef less, but such is not the way of skewers. I gave some of my not cooked enough for me cherry tomatoes to Jeff. He did the dishes. We both said thank you. It was a good night.