Thursday, August 07, 2003

In non-food news, I love my new eye doctor. Part of the love is that I haven't been to the eye doctor in so long I didn't realize the puff of air test is old news, so any eye doctor would have won points with me for that. But he's also very nice, and the first doctor who hasn't tried to pressure me into contacts (which I don't need- I can see okay, since I'm just barely astigmatism, and the nearsightedness in one eye balances out the farsightedness in the other- it's just when I'm not looking at a range of distances, like if I'm reading or staring at a computer screen, the balancing out tires my eyes- and am not a great candidate for since my eyes go crazy when anything gets near them). So if you need an eye doctor in LA, drop me a line.

I was so giddy after the eye doctor I decided to bypass Whole Foods entirely to buy fish at Bristol Farms, which is overpriced and crowded but I have an unholy love for anyway. The fish counter man is always so cheerful and friendly and willing to spend ten minutes with me discussing whether or not I really want the orange roughy or if I should splurge on the John Dory or what. I went with the roughy and cooked it according to Mark Bittman's How To Cook Everything recipe for cod with green sauce, because my flat leaf parsley is out of control and it was good to use 1/2 cup of it.

How To Cook Everything is a cookbook I underrate sometimes, because it is so simple, but it is also very, very reliable, and the perfect thing to turn to when you want to make something fast or basic and also delicious. The fish was wonderful- I forgot to half the olive oil, since I was making it for four, but I just poured most of that off and we mopped up the rest with french bread. Fish is the one food I cook consistently well, and also one of those foods that impresses people, which is nice for me- I like when Jeff gets all amazed by something that took 10 minutes. (Beef, except for beef in the crockpot, is the food I most often have problems with. Particularly steaks, for which I blame my lack of a grill. I know, what kind of Texan am I, exactly?)