Friday, August 08, 2003

Jeff is off to Vegas today for a bachelor party. I am home this weekend, locking myself in the apartment to write, and missing a dear friend's wedding due to money. The fact that I had to go to bed early, when Jeff stayed up with our houseguest and co-bachelor party attendee, and then get up early, when Jeff stayed in bed and told me to not bother resetting the alarm, he could get up whenever.... Well, I'm just trying not to think about all that.

I made turkey burgers on the Foreman last night. My big turkey burger secret is to mix in a ton of Worcestershire sauce with the ground turkey. Add what you think is plenty, and then add more. Toppings were what we had on hand, which was tomato and lettuce and leftover aioli and barbeque sauce, and the caramelized onions I described way back here (bottom of the page). This time I sliced the onions on the mandoline, which was brilliant, and wore swimming goggles, which was even more brilliant. No more tears!