Monday, August 04, 2003

Saturday we ate out both meals. So decadent! The first meal was at Langer's, downtown. Langer's is actually about 5 blocks north of my very first apartment in LA, which I insisted on driving by. Driving by may not be the best choice of words, there. Let's just say that the whole neighborhood made Jeff very, very nervous. One new development there is all the people offering us ID's on the street- every person we passed, "ID? ID?"- what is that all about?

Langer's, though. I had a pastrami sandwich and it was everything I dreamed it could be. Now I know why the NYT cries every time they mention Langer's pastrami. I'm crying, just thinking about it.

For dinner we went out with Jeff's parents to the Bob's Big Boy in Glendale. This is their favorite Bob's Big Boy, because they can order the Secret Chicken. Tempted as I was by the prospect of ordering off the menu at Bob's Big Boy, I was still pretty full from lunch, so I had a grilled cheese with bacon and picked at Jeff's salad bar. I learned that cottage cheese tastes much better than it looks- who knew?

I met Jeff's older brother for the first time, too- he's a pilot who just got married, and his wife is already expecting (they were married 5 weeks ago and she is 4 weeks along, don't you worry). I'm going to be an aunt! (Well, after July 3, I guess, but I'm going to call myself an aunt even before that.)