Monday, September 15, 2003

Jeff went out of town this weekend. Which meant lots of goat cheese omelets for me, since I hate doing too many dishes for just myself. I thought about making Eggs Benedict, but hollandaise for one is ridiculous. I continue to marvel at the thing of beauty that is the omelet. Lightly browned, fluffy, beautifully rolled. If anyone wants a perfect omelet, just let me know.

Friday night I decided to bake bread. I wanted to make the honey something wheat something bread from Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone, but at the store couldn't remember what the recipe called for- it asked for bulgur or (something). No bulgur in sight, I guessed the something could have been oat bran- it was not. Not being sure if oat bran and cracked wheat were interchangeable or not, I made the white sandwich bread instead, using wheat flour. The kneading was a bit of a Pain- the dough was really, really sticky. But it took less kneading than my pizza dough does (someday, Kitchenaid, someday) and rose up beautifully. So then I put it in two loaf pans, let it rise some more, baked and voila. Actual real sandwich bread. Like magic. After it cooled, I ate two slices plain, out of sheer marvelment.

Yesterday I made up some tarragon-chive mayonnaise and spread it on two slices with bacon. There may be something in this world better and more fulfilling than your own bread and tarragon-chive mayonnaise with bacon, but I don't think I'm ready for it. I'm not going to slaughter my own pigs or grow my own wheat, which would, I suppose make that sandwich more of an accomplishment. Maybe if I had a perfect tomato lying around, maybe that would have made it better. But I doubt it. This is how I make up for Jeff not being around- making perfect little meals.

I also whipped up some salad dressing for this week- Julia's Lemon Oil Dressing from Jacques and Julia Cooking At Home. It is essentially lemony oil, with no vinegar. Unlike most homemade vinaigrettes, it doesn't seem to hold up/travel well, and is a bit too heavy feeling for me. (To be fair, Julia does say it should be used immediately.) Next week I'll make Jacques' vinaigrette dressing in a jar. The plan is to experiment with every vinaigrette recipe I have until I come up with Hannah's Master Vinaigrette. Right now I'm liking Julia's Kitchen Wisdom the best. I'll keep y'all updated.