Wednesday, September 17, 2003

So last night I figured it would be fun to make hamburgers, Julia-style. I dug out the Mastering the Art of French Cooking, defrosted a few buns, and went wild.

Julia-style, y'all, involves first sauteeing some diced onion in butter and then mixing that onion with an egg, salt, pepper, thyme, ground beef, and more butter. I love that she says to, after mixing, adjust seasoning to taste- are we supposed to taste the raw ground beef? Then shape into patties, dredge in a little flour, and fry in some more butter or to mix things up, oil. Then you make a pan sauce with just about whatever liquid you've got lying around and you guessed it, more butter. I used her mustard butter for the sauce, which was simple to make and I could probably eat it, like all forms of butter, straight.

Any hamburger that laden with butter is going to be as juicy and delicious as you would expect it to be. And it was. Oh, man oh man. It was good. It felt totally sinful and the exact opposite of my Worcerstershire laden on the Foreman turkey burgers, which are equally delicious, and all. No one needs a butter burger every day, but everyone should have one sometime.