Thursday, October 16, 2003

Tuesday I made the alsatian onion tart from Baking With Julia- puff pastry, onions cooked in chicken broth, tossed with a little cream, and bacon.

I wanted to compare this with the onion tart from the Zuni Cafe cookbook I made.

For one, Julia says to use 4 large onions, diced. She doesn't specify weight or volume, but my 4 medium onions were WAY too many onions for one tart. And I love onions. The Judy Rogers version specified volume and weight, and was not nearly enough onions.

Onions cooked in chicken broth are nowhere near as good as onions slow cooked in butter. Or oil. But preferably butter.

Cream is good.

Real puff pastry is better than "rough puff" but also more of a pain in the ass. Thankfully, I have two pounds of it in my freezer now.

I don't know what slab bacon is and have never seen it. Niman Ranch center cut bacon is so good, though, I probably won't seek slab bacon out.

In conclusion, from now on, I'm making the BWJ onion tart, with less onions, cooked in butter. Though I will tell you all now, when you go to Trader Joe's and your cart consists of: butter, cream, bacon, and edamame- you will cause your checker to start singing "One of these things is not like the other."