Tuesday, November 18, 2003

For the potluck, I made this salad on T's recommendation. It was great- I doubled the recipe, which meant it took two bowls, though. Jeff and I had some for dinner last night with some pan grilled fish, and the rest went to work with me. Considering that the caterers with the turkey never showed up and most people went with the contribute $6 option, the salad was one of the only dishes there- so I don't know if it was great or just the only thing available, but it all got eaten. I love the comments below, too. "I also added some home made vinagrette (sic) for additional moistness." Um, the recipe calls for homemade vinaigrette.

Anyway. My menu plans for the week have been thrown all akilter by weather conditions in Houston. My Kitchen Aid stand mixer, cobalt blue, is currently at LAX in my father's luggage. My father is currently in Bakersfield. They will be releasing his baggage to me. I wonder what the odds are that they'll also take his luggage bag and send it to Bakersfield? Slim, I'm betting.