Wednesday, November 19, 2003

So I thought I was getting this mixer. And I was, if you've been reading lately, totally thrilled about that. 325 watts is pretty good (better than 250 or 300, the other options I thought I may be getting). The tilt head isn't my dream- I would have preferred a bowl lift mixer, but we can't have everything. So I was totally, totally jazzed.

Yesterday I went to the baggage claim at LAX and America West let me get my mixer, another wrapped present, and two envelopes my dad asked me to get out of my dad's bag (sneakily- those envelopes contained knives he'd recently sold on eBay and I have to now go mail. I thought maybe they were more presents)- my dad's bag is now on its way back to Houston. (And apparently, you can go get some stuff out of someone else's luggage and then return it. Who knew?)

When I got home, y'all. It wasn't the Artisan mixer. It was the Professional! 350 Watts! The bowl lift mechanism I was very secretly still dreaming of! A specially contoured spatula! I made pizza dough and couldn't tear myself away from watching it. It was so easy. I don't know how I ever thought pizza dough by hand was easy- it would have taken 20 minutes of good solid kneading to get dough that smooth.

Today is a very happy day, is all.