Friday, November 14, 2003

Last night I made Tuscan bean soup from a Cooking Light recipe T recommended. I'm sure if you're a big soup fan, you'd like it. Jeff liked it okay. I thought it was too tomatoey- but I'm soup picky. Give me a potato soup any day. Or an egg drop soup. I like certain soups, but not all.

I was also a bit worried about my starter. It's on day 5 and totally reeks and looks gross. Thank god for I re-watched the starter making part of the Nancy Silverton episode of Cooking With Master Chefs right here on my computer (check it out- it's the bomb). It looks just like hers, more or less.

Tonight Jeff's going to Simon and Garfunkel- which means I get to make polenta. He loathes the stuff, I love it, and fortunately there are still occasions I can make it for myself.