Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Google is helpful. For instance, if alsation onion tart turns up in your referral logs, you know you've been spelling Alsatian wrong, and can correct it. (I knew how to spell Alsatian. But somehow I typed -ion in two separate entries.) Also, clearly, Zankou could sell their garlic sauce recipe for, say $1.50, and rake it in hand over fist. People really, really want that recipe.

I'm still mortified over Alsation. This was the first site that came up with that Google. I'm a former spelling bee CHAMPION. Alsation.

Last night was another frittata- asparagus! I flagrantly ignored Marcella's lengthy instructions about trimming and peeling and blahdeblah. Here's how you trim asparagus. Take hold of the bottom, and snap it off. The tough part will snap off cleanly and the top is what you want. The asparagus I had was pencil thin, so I didn't bother with no peeling. Also, her 10 minutes boiling is way too long for really thin asparagus. My estimate of 6 minutes was also too long. Nonetheless, they cooled while I watched Emeril on Cooking With Master Chefs. In astonishment. Emeril of 10 years ago, pre-Food Network, was a gentle, quietly instructive, unassuming guy with a townie accent. If that Emeril had a show, I'd watch it. Anyway. I cooked the frittate long enough on the stovetop that it did only need a few seconds under the broiler to set, but it took almost as long as the in the oven method. So I may return to that for simplicity's sake.

Also, when using your broiler? Don't leave your Calphalon suede handle pot holder on your skillet handle. Suede burns or melts or chars- whatever it is, it's not pretty. Fortunately the holder's not ruined. Just black on the end.