Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Last night, while watching Alton Brown's cute biscuit making episode on the Food Network (I love Ma Mae- she reminded me of some of the women in my own family), a KitchenAid commercial came on. I told Jeff that I couldn't wait to be a part of the KitchenAid Family. I totally can't. I want to go visit the KitchenAid experience. Once I have the food processor and stand mixer, I'll be saving for an immersion blender and a hand mixer (egg whites, you know). I would not be above getting a set of towels , even though I think expensive dish towels are the world's biggest waste of money. I can't help it- when I get into something, I go whole hog.

So it made my day when my mom emailed to tell me my dad was coming to town next Monday and bringing this puppy in cobalt blue. It's okay if I use it before Christmas, right? I just started that bread starter and all. Cobalt Blue is, I believe, the color my mother has as well. I KNOW it's the color Julia has. It's the best color. I love Christmas.

I also love Thanksgiving. My mother did send her mother's stuffing and gravy recipes (with my mother's notes in parentheses. I wonder if someday I'll be sending that, with my own notes in brackets, to my daughter. Or son.). I'm really excited about the gravy, especially. Her turkey instructions at the end? "Follow directions on turkey for how long to cook the bird." Heh.

Things I am making next week- bread, cookies, cake, pizza dough, more cookies, bread.. I'll probably restrain myself somewhat, but I am overjoyed.