Monday, December 01, 2003

Also, you know what the best use of leftover rice is? Fried rice. I made the fried rice from Here in America's Test Kitchen, and it was divine. I love that cookbook, though I hate the show. T may love them and call them her dorky Yankee friends, but y'all? They have a talking hand puppet over at their Science Desk. The ANSWER ALLIGATOR. He has a name.

He doesn't really talk, though. He just opens his mouth and the answer is stuck on a post-it to his tongue. Regardless, the answer alligator also steered me right last night. I made the stovetop mac and cheese, and it had the best cheese sauce I've ever had, ever. Silky cheesy goodness, and it took ten minutes. So they are my dorky Yankee friends, too. Alligator and all.