Thursday, December 04, 2003

Watch this space!

Not too much new to report on this week- last night was pizza with roasted peppers and goat cheese, tonight will be roast chicken with potatoes and salad.

But I have a new project, inspired by "In Julia Child's Kitchen"- which I love. Y'all, even not on sale it's only $13.99. Buy it! Of course, her frequent references to Mastering and The French Chef will make you run out and get those, too, but you could do worse. It has the most extensive meat chart I've ever seen. Julia writes pages about the labeling of meat. She has more to say about hardboiled eggs than anyone you can imagine. The section on lasagne a la francaise is priceless. Julia Child will make you laugh out loud... and then run to your kitchen. I only wish I could've seen the episode, to hear her say buon appetito.

So I have two projects, actually. The first is to figure out how to get them The French Chef, both the color and b&w versions, on DVD. If I would save from my meager salary for that, I know there are tons of better off types who would shell out for it. So first I find out who the "them" is that would do that, and start a letter writing campaign. Or, perhaps, ask my fiance, who has plenty of experience in catalog DVD releases. That's project one. If anyone hears anything about this already being in the works, though, let me know.

Project Number Two starts next week. Operation Quiche. I've made almost all the frittatas in Marcella's Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking. I've mastered the frittatta, but that's not a huge accomplishment. You make one frittatta, and you've got it. Now I am going to master the quiche. I've made one quiche thus far, and am going to work my way through Julia's various quiches. A quiche a week until I feel I've got it down. Maybe I'll take pictures.