Wednesday, December 03, 2003

If you've been reading this blog for any stretch of time (and there are about 10 or 20 of you out there- hi!) you know that, when I opened up Nigella Lawson's "How To Be A Domestic Goddess," I would be unable to stop myself from first making her supper onion pie.

Jeff kept asking, "How is this pie different?" Well, first it has red onions. A ton of them. Cooked long and slow on the stovetop and then seasoned with salt and pepper and thyme and baked on the bottom of a pie tin with a cheese biscuity crust on top. Then you flip the pie over to serve. I was a bit nervous about this, because I once read Mark Bittman saying that you shouldn't cook red onions. I have, once, in a tomato tart, but that was still engraved in my mind. I looked it up and he said not to since they would bleed (the color) into everything else. This wasn't true when I made the tomato tart (well, I guess that was all red anyway). I cooked the onions and was worried that they were supersoft but still red- not mushy and jammy and brown like the picture in the book. I figured, though, they would cook more in the oven. I figured wrong.

Nonetheless, the crust was excellent and the onions were soft and sweet and good, just not great. Jeff said "It's still good. It's not the polenta of onion dishes or anything." This is funny not because my polenta is anything but excellent, but because Jeff doesn't care for polenta, even my own wonderful polenta.