Thursday, January 29, 2004

I'm on this advisory board, and we have a meeting tonight with another board- it's actually that board's training, and this is already more than anyone cares to know.

The point is, I was asked on Monday if I could bring a dessert. Sure. I mean, I had a meeting Monday night and yoga Tuesday night and class Wednesday night, I can totally bring a dessert.

I thought about just picking up a bunch of Italian cookies at Susina, but my pride got in the way. Then it hit me- I could make Nigella's butter cookies, but make the dough Tuesday night and the cookies Wednesday. This division of labor made it all possible and left me feeling quite smug. Until I spent thirty minutes hunting down the food coloring- I still think Jeff hid it, since it was on a shelf that was WAY higher than I would ever put anything.

I may still have a complex tonight over the fact that my eyebrows are not particularly groomed and my middle finger, left hand, has a chip in its polish. But dammit, I have my cookies.