Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Lately I, Miss Follow The Recipe To The Letter, have been improvising. That barbeque shrimp I made without measuring anything. I just threw in worcestershire sauce and Tabasco and minced garlic until I felt it was ready. The other day I made a goat cheese and leek tart with whatever goat cheese and cream cheese I had lying around and leftover leek.

And then? Last night? I cookes up some noodles, and then whisked together some peanut butter (TJ's seems to no longer carry tahini) and soy sauce and oyster sauce and sesame oil and again, some Tabasco until it tasted good. Then I tossed the noodles with it and ate it. And it was excellent. Jeff claims it was too salty for him, but I loved it.

Next thing you know I'll be abandoning grocery lists and picking up whatever catches my fancy and making dishes up out of my own head. It frightens me.