Friday, March 05, 2004

So remember that chicken that I rubbed up with spices and salt on Tuesday? And then left on a rack, over a plate, uncovered? Two days later, the skin seemed hard and oddly colored. I was a little nervous about it.

Okay, I was a LOT nervous about it. But I hoped the New York Times and the Zuni Cafe would not give me salmonella and I roasted it breast side down for 15 minutes at 500, then breast side up for 15 minutes at 450, and then I basted and turned the temperature down to 425 for another 40 minutes.

It came out mahogany, with a little char at the foot of the drumsticks. The skin was not the worlds crispest, but it was sweet and spicy and flavorful. And the meat! This was the most tender chicken I think one can possibly make. Brining, schmining. The breast meat was unbelievable. It was like maybe if you injected the inside of a chicken breast with butter. The wings, even. When have you ever been moved by the meat in a chicken wing? I have now.

And, so far, no sign of salmonella.