Monday, March 08, 2004

Friday night Jeff and I had our two year anniversary dinner at home- steaks with ginger butter, steam-sauteed asparagus, and molten chocolate cakes. Molten chocolate cakes baked in heart shaped Le Creuset ramekins, with creme fraiche. That was the high point of the meal, though it was all delicious. The cakes were so easy, though. I love Nigella.

Also, on Sunday, I took the serving suggestions in A New Way to Cook literally and we had an impromptu brunch with savory french toast ("perfect for an impromptu brunch," the book says, and they were. "Oh, you want to come over? Sure. Can you pick up some challah?" and then $3 plus some kitchen staples later you have brunch for five.) and lots of bacon.

But the oddest thing this weekend was having someone's granny's pickled onions. Served over cheese, on a cracker, they were incredible. I must have more. I could eat them all day. My oldest Houston Junior League cookbook has three potential recipes- does anyone have any onion pickling experience?