Friday, April 02, 2004

Last night Jeff went out. I had so many things to do, but before I did them I spent 35 minutes stirring up some polenta in my vintage 3.5 quart Le Creuset french oven (Thanks, ebay!) and sipping wine (D'Aquino Valpolicella- if you have a TJ's around you, this is the best $3.49 red wine you can possibly buy) and reading the 1978 Letitia Baldridge edition of Amy Vanderbilt (again, thanks eBay!). It was the most calming thing I've done for myself in forever.

And then I drizzled some California artisanal olive oil on the polenta, stirred in a bit of peppercorn chevre, and had my perfect alone dinner before diving in to a million different chores. But I felt fortified and ready to do them. Nothing like cornmeal mush to get you on your way.