Friday, May 07, 2004

I busted open The Texas Cookbook, finally, to make some sour cream enchiladas. They were, seriously, the sour cream enchiladas your grandmother probably made. And they were delicious. It's a highly entertaining read, even.

In other news, Spago is the most expensive restaurant I've ever been to. It's also totally worth it (especially on someone else's expense account...).

Back to Texas cooking and cookbooks- Jeff and I are hosting a house party for John Kerry in a few weeks (email me if you want to contribute!), and since my cooking definitely tilts more Texan/Southern than New England in influence, I was thinking of serving "Foods GWB Will Enjoy When He Returns To Crawford For Good." Then I could also serve my favorite spinach dip, a recipe that comes from Barbara Bush.

Or, I could just serve food and call it nothing. What do y'all think?