Monday, May 03, 2004

Reader Brianna suggested this salad:

Spring mix or organic herb greens or other nice fancy greens
Dried cranberries (preferably the type that's dehydrated with the juice left in so they're plump and moist)
Walnuts or almonds
Halved grapes
Sliced cucumber
Cubed Dutch spiced gouda (the kind with cardamom in it)
Grilled seasoned chicken breast cut into strips, or shrimp
Poppyseed vinaigrette or any other type of vinaigrette

I was going to make my own poppyseed vinaigrette, but, y'all, it's too hot to think, much less whisk. I bought some bottled dressing for the first time in years and must say, that Brianna's poppyseed dressing (any relation?) is gooooood. This whole salad is good- cool and lovely. I layered everything in my Salad to Go (the best lunch transporter ever invented- if you ever have salad from home for lunch, get yourself to Bed Bath and Beyond with $2.49 now. You won't be sorry.) and man alive is it good.