Wednesday, June 23, 2004

For my birthday, my writing group gave me a guide to Bizarro LA (which is awesome) and this book, which, if you know anything about me, you know is a perfect present. I am loving it.

I'm in cookbook overload since a buy two get one free at sale led me to close out my membership. I got A Year in A Vegetarian Kitchen (I'm not vegetarian, but like vegetables. And love cookbooks broken down by season. Love them. And love Jack Bishop, a fine Dorky Yankee. This book is GREAT!), The Provence Cookbook (which is full of things like the email address for Patricia Wells' fishmonger, which is the kind of thing I'd include if I was to ever write a cookbook. If I had a fishmonger. Anyway.), and The Junior League at Home (their six page spread on napkin folding was, sadly, thrilling to me. Thrilling! Even sadder was the fact that this book includes four recipes for cheese grits, not to mention the shrimp and grits and grillades and grits, all of which made me sad I'm marrying a grit-hating man. Any of y'all who like grits, please come visit. I make delicious grits and have no one to share them with.).

I love new cookbooks. Love them.