Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I got my new Everyday Food last week. Y'all, WHY must the summer food magazines taunt my non-grill having self? I told Jeff we should get a Hibachi. He claims we'd never use it. He clearly has not seen any of my magazines.

Regardless, I made the shrimp skewers in a grill pan and they were excellent. Though I am tempted by the $14.99 grill at the Rite Aid, for steak. Sorely tempted.

Also, this week, it may be the world's greatest lunch. Molly referred to a Bon Appetit recipe in my comments when I requested lunch ideas, and not having Bon Appetit, I improvised. I got some flatbread at Trader Joe's, and in the morning I brushed it with a teeny bit of olive oil and put it in a sandwich bag. Then I chopped up some tomato, some red onion, some basil and some feta and put it in a teeny tupperware container. I drizzled it with a little balsamic vinegar and some olive oil and sprinkled with some salt. By lunch time a lot of the tomato juice had drained out, leaving it even more tomatoey. I toasted the flat bread and spread the tomato mixture, minus the extra liquid, on top. Yum. So, so good, even with not quite yet great tomatoes.