Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Monday night we had our almost vegan best man over for dinner, and y'all may remember that I once had some resentment about cooking for vegetarians. Because I love the meat and all.

However, since Jack Bishop's 'A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen" came into my life, that's all changed. I relish the chance to cook for vegetarians. I wish MORE of our friends were vegetarian. (Not all of them, obviously. I've got to serve someone steak and shrimp and fish and chicken etc...) I made up his bread and tomato and bean salad and it was delicious.

Last night, for my writing group, one of our members had a salmon that her friend had shipped her from Alaska that she had just caught, so she made us broiled salmon and risotto and salad. That may have been the best salmon I've ever had, no lie. It was beautiful, and so fresh, and lovely. Yum.