Monday, August 23, 2004

Friday night we had friends over for grilled steak and a ricotta tomato torte, which were wonderful and excellent. However, I also tried to make this flourless chocolate cake, in a bain marie, and of course my foil covered springform pan leaked like crazy, so there was water all up in my unbaked cake when I pulled it out of the oven.

Brilliantly, or not, I decided to pour off the water and rebake it sans bain marie. And, you know, had I waited it for it to cool all the way, it might have worked. Instead, I served warm, mushy, poo-looking stuff that I tried to bravely call a pudding cake. No one was fooled. However, it was tasty, so there you go.

Saturday I watched one of the jillion Julia specials, and realized that the South Beach Diet is not for me. I just don't think white flour is the DEVIL. I'm an everything in moderation believer at heart.

Which meant that last night, I made gateau de crepes a la Florentine from Mastering.. because I'd always wanted to try making crepes. And what's better than crepes? A bunch of crepes layered with spinach and cream cheese and smothered in sauce Mornay, that's what.

I would like to say that when I successfully flipped a crepe over solely by jerking the skillet, I did not immediately holler and yell and demand my husband come into the kitchen and admire my crepe making skillz. That would be a lie, though, of course I did. I can flip a crepe with one hand, people. I want crepes every day, if only to make them. Because they are fun.

And the gateau was incredible. I didn't save the leftovers and now I'm kicking myself, because it was goooood.