Monday, August 23, 2004

Inspired by the packable lunches in the current Martha Stewart Living, (and also? How much does MSL bite with Martha gone? I mean, first of all, there is decoupage on the cover. Does no one else remember when Martha went on Rosie O'Donnell and Rosie made the decoupage and Martha was all, "That's.. lovely," like there was no way Martha would ever have decoupage anywhere near Turkey Hill or anywhere else, if she had any say. And now? On the cover. Also, there was a big honking error in this month's Clip Art- the freezer labels, instead of saying Frozen on, say o en on. You know Martha's all, "It is bad enough that I have to go to prison, but this sloppiness is cruel and unusual punishment indeed!"), I made tomato foccacia to pack with assorted meats and cheeses and olives. I forgot to pick up sparkling water and didn't make peanut crisps (one benefit of my brief time on SBD was the discovery that sugar free Jello is a great, great, great lunch dessert), but it was a good lunch.

The foccaccia, though- it asked for lots of sugar, lots of yeast, a fast rise, and a doughy result with not much chew. This, though, is pretty standard Martha- the foccaccia looked gorgeous, all studded with tomatoes and rosemary, but her recipes are always more looks than taste. Next time I'll make Marcella's foccaccia and add tomatoes, and have a lunch that is lovely AND delicious.