Monday, September 13, 2004

The New York Times had an article about school lunches which I found fascinating not because I'm in school or have school age children, but because, um, I pack my lunch. I do this because I'm too much of an economic girly man to buy lunch every day, and because if I did go buy lunch every day, it'd be pizza and candy bars all week. I know myself.

And I know this sandwich was designed for a 6 year old, but man, it is good. And you can totally skip the grilling in butter part if you have a Foreman- I just stuck it in my Foreman, stuck a cast iron pan on top to weigh it down, and there you go.

Child sandwich or not, I can totally see myself someday fixing one for my child and one for me. My mom used to eat grilled ham and cheese with me and it's the same thing, right?