Friday, May 06, 2005

Last night we celebrated Cinco De Mayo with fajitas and margaritas, courtesy of the greatest Tex-Mex book ever, and, y'all, they were the best fajitas I've had outside of Texas, ever. And so simple- a dry rub which is just salt, chili powder, garlic powder and onion powder, followed by a marinade in soy sauce/lime juice/garlic (I added an optional pureed chipotle chili). Then cook the steak about 7 minutes each side on high (adding sliced bell pepper and onion after the first 7 minutes) and serve with flour tortillas and cheese and sour cream and salsa and guacamole. (Did I really just describe how to make fajitas? I guess anyone who's ever even been to a restaurant knows that. Sorry if that seemed obvious. It's Friday and I'm exhausted.)

Anyway I highly recommend Robb Walsh's book to anyone from Texas, or anyone who has been to Texas, or anyone who just likes Tex-Mex. Even if you don't cook, it's a fascinating read.