Friday, May 20, 2005

I have been cooking a lot lately, but for cookbook reviewing purposes, hence the lack of cooking-blogging.

However, last night I took a break since my husband was out and made myself a tart. ("Big surprise!" he said when he got home.)

I was going to make a mushroom tart- and this will surprise anyone who knows me well- and since I couldn't find a mushroom tart recipe that looked like what I wanted, I decided to improvise. I am definitely not an improvisational cook.

So I started the tart shell from Vegetarian Suppers and while it sat in the fridge contemplated my pantry and figured mushrooms, goat cheese, onion- I could work with that.

Except the goat cheese! It had mold on it. And the mushrooms, which I had bought Sunday, looked highly suspect. However, instead of just bailing and going to Skooby's for a hot dog, I took this as a lesson- mushrooms don't last four days, and how long ago did I buy that goat cheese, anyway? And I kept foraging.

I wound up sauteing the onion until it was translucent, and then laying it on the bottom of the prebaked tart shell. On top of the onion? I added a bunch of cherry tomatoes cut into pretty little slices, some fresh mozzarella also cut into pretty little slices, a bunch of rosemary and parsley from the garden (and oh how nice it is to walk out to your garden and have a ginormous selection of fresh herbs) and over that I poured two eggs that I had beat with a little heavy cream and some salt and pepper. I baked it and it came out wonderfully, savory and some of the tomatoes kind of floated to the top of the custard and roasted.