Tuesday, June 07, 2005

After returning from a week in Cancun where we ate well and often (hints: Do not go to La Parilla, no matter how many cab drivers/concierges/tour guides recommend it. The whole city of Cancun is on La Parilla's payroll, and it is mediocre and its only real boast is the world's loudest mariachi band. If that's your thing, well, then go. But don't say I didn't warn you. Also, Laguna Grill has competent fusion and surprisingly one of the best meals we had was the Italian at La Dolce Vita. Best mexican was the tacos at Mercado 28 followed by the queso fundido with roast park at Casa Tequila. And for the love of Pedro don't eat at your hotel even if it's raining. The food really can be that bad.) followed by a meal at the Cheesecake Factory at my sister's insistence (PEOPLE! Why do we celebrate mediocrity in food? Jeff and I had passable mini burgers and also this horrible alleged ahi tuna tempura thing that I think contained canned tuna and tasted like a billion things all covered in mayonnaise. I felt like we should have been rolled out of there and it wasn't at all worth it) we were craving something on the lighter side for our first meal back home.

Jeff claimed he just wanted a salad but I know from past experience that if I served him a light green salad he'd be hungry and want potato chips or something so instead I made a faux light salad from San Francisco Encore which was turkey breast and apple and celery and watercress in a mayonnaise-style dressing topped with chopped walnuts on a bed of romaine. Because when you want a filling but light in a ladies' lunch kind of way salad, the Junior League is the place to look.

Last night, though, we went for blander comfort food since I had denied Jeff his chance to order a grilled cheese at the Cheesecake Factory (Huge mistake! It must have been better than the fried tuna casserole!). I finally made the mozzarella en carrozza from Nigella Bites which I had never made before because I always thought, who needs a recipe for grilled cheese? But it is grilled cheese wrapped in almost french toast and I used a really gorgeous fresh mozzarella and I now know what I am making on every single rainy weekend day from here til the end of time.