Monday, May 23, 2005

Saturday morning I made popovers from a Neiman Marcus recipe that ran in the LA Times magazine recently (despite my disdain for alleged Neiman Marcus recipes- those cookies that are emailed all the time are not that great but then again, they probably aren't really Neiman's, anyway).

And, yum were they good. I don't know why people think popovers are hard- they weren't at all, and not only did they make a great breakfast, the leftovers reheated beautifully to accompany Saturday night's steak dinner.

Last night I made masa crepes with chard from Vegetarian Suppers. The little bit of masa harina (or, what I used, Maseca or as my friend T calls it, Mexican Bisquick) in the crepe batter makes for a really incredible flavor and the spicy creamy chard filling was incredible. I was mostly impressed since I had grown the chard myself, which was even more impressive than my ability to flip the crepes over one handed.