Tuesday, July 05, 2005

FRIED CHICKEN #2: Serbian-American Fried Chicken

As dubious as I was about New Jersey Fried Chicken, I had even more doubts about Serbian-American Fried Chicken. It's from the Midwest, the culinary landscape that brought us corn dogs and Miracle Whip. (Dear Midwest: I kid. You are lovely.)

Mainly because while this chicken is deep fried in lard (good) it is also first coated in flour, then an egg wash, and then a coating of bread crumbs. Now, is this fried chicken, or is this Shake and Bake?

The chicken itself was tender and very sweet, but the bread crumb crust shattered at every touch, leaving you with more crust on the plate than on the meat. And the skin remained on the meat, all limp and gross looking.

Refrigeration was kind to this chicken and the crust firmed up somewhat. Jeff gave this chicken an 8 out of 10. I think that is because he is scared of rating something I made poorly. Because I gave this chicken a 5.

(To try this and any of the other chicken recipes in my ongoing fried chicken experiment, check out: Fried Chicken by John T. Edge.)

Up next: Italian chicken from Chicago!