Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The other New Best Recipe that let me down were their butter cookies, which I tried to make this weekend and which Did Not cut out into cookie shapes very easily or at all. Though I think this was due to the extreme heat in my kitchen, not the recipe. I am betting around Christmas time it'll be a good recipe.

The cookie dough that did stand up to rolling out and cutting in the heat was a ginger cookie recipe from A New Way to Cook, which was totally delicious and spicy and awesome, too. Cutting out a jillion cookie fleur-de-lis (lises?) is optional, too- Sally Schneider includes directions for rolling into a log and slicing, or cutting into squares.

The Dorky Yankees redeemed themselves, though, with a recipe for grilled chicken under a brick. I think grilling is the a-number-one way to prepare chicken, and I think butterflying chicken is one of the most fun things to do in the kitchen, and I like chipotle, so adding a chipotle-lime rub and a lime-honey glaze was the finishing touch to make this grilled chicken even more sublime. The chicken was smoky and juicy and full of flavor, which is something chicken never is, so the Dorky Yankees deserve some props.

(However, Christopher Kimball got no props from my husband, who saw Harry Potter on the new EW and said, "Hey, it's that guy from America's Test Kitchen without his bowtie!")