Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fried Chicken #?: Mojo-Marinated Fried Chicken

"Hey baby, this next fried chicken recipe is totally going to start pontificating on the Stone Roses now!"

Okay, so not that kind of Mojo. This kind of Mojo had you marinate the chicken in lime juice and onion and garlic and cumin, and then coat with some flour and fry. Unlike the adobo marinated chicken, this chicken had slightly less tang. But still, it did have some tang. And, you know, I am just not sure how I feel about tangy fried chicken.

Jeff rated it a solid 9, and I had to give it an 8- the skin was crisp, but the mouth-puckering quality was a bit off putting. And it was the first chicken to actually be WORSE after a day in the refrigerator- I think it got tangier, or something, and downgraded it to a 6.5.

Last night I made a grilled sandwich on ciabatta with some Spring Hill Farms sage cheddar and homegrown roma tomatoes and man alive are my roma tomatoes delicious right now. I will be having tomatoes every day til they go out of season. You should, too.