Friday, October 21, 2005

Last night was an impulse meal of pan-seared steak, a modified bearnaise (because we had no lemon juice, I used juice from the sort of key limes in the backyard-- delicious) and an improvised potato gratin.

I've read a billion recipes about the "best" gratin recipe, but the truth is, potatoes+ butter+cheese+cream= always delicious no matter how you assemble them. I peeled two rose potatoes, and used a mandoline to slice them directly into a buttered gratin dish. One layer of slices, followed by some butter and grated Gruyere, followed by more potatoes, some butter and Gruyere and salt and pepper, more potatoes and even more Gruyere, and then pour some heavy cream over the top of that is about as precise a recipe as I really turned out to need. Use a bigger casserole dish the more people you have to serve, so you still have plenty of crust top layer for everyone. (Oh, and cook at around 400 for around 35 minutes. Don't just eat it raw. Obviously.)