Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I am in a bit of a dilemma.

I am trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, and mainly fruits, since those are a more palatable substitute for candy bars than a hunk of cauliflower.

Apples and oranges and bananas and grapes are all easy. Melons, though, which I love, are making me crazy. Because they are better tasting and less expensive when you buy them whole at the Farmer's Market. But chopping up a melon on your own, much less toting home a whole watermelon on foot, is enough to make me give up and run fleeing to the vending machine.

But those precut watermelons, especially, are so ridiculously overpriced!

The final straw, I think, was the name of a variety pack of melons I bought last week. Are you ready for this? "Meddling Melons"! I think it is a play on words- it is a melon medley-- but medley and meddle are unrelated words, no? I do not want my melons getting all up in my business.

I suppose I will just stick to grapes.