Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I know this is probably the universe's way of saving me from 9-trillion calorie indiscretions, but why does Jamba Juice hate me?

Way back in the olden days, even, when I frequented Zuka Juice (which was apparently bought by Jamba Juice in 1999, so I have been carrying this grudge around for YEARS) they had one perfect smoothie and a bunch of other yucky smoothies. It was all about the Cantaloupe Crave. Which they discontinued.

I avoided Zuka/Jamba except to poke my head in and see if they had brought the Cantaloupe Crave back for years. And then a few months ago I found a JambaJuice that I liked, finally, the Jamba PowerBoost. And? Guess what? Discontinued.