Monday, April 03, 2006

This article about Julie Powell's post-separation cooking was so sad, for me. There was a lot of her marriage in her blog, and I hate to see couples that seem matched break up.

Of course, I also was reminded how long it has been since my dinner table has seen a pork chop, so last night I made the CĂ´tes de Porc Hongroise , which is probably tempting fate, right? The sauce was pretty basic (but delicious in a very comfortable way), and I substituted shallots for the onions and chicken stock for the white wine. If I had it to do again, I would use more cream and more paprika- perhaps some paprika directly in the sauce, even.

Jeff devoured his porkchops and as usual, wound up gnawing on the bone, giving me a look that I hope meant, "I won't be leaving you anytime soon as long as there are more of these coming my way."

With them we had Nigella's perfect roast potatoes, which really are perfect. Cut teeny potatoes in triangular thirds, boil them for four minutes, drain them, and then roast them in a pan of fat that you have preheated at your hottest oven setting for about 25-30 minutes a side. The result is the absolute perfect balance of plenty of crispity crunchy outside with a little tiny amount of creamy inside. Most likely terrible for you in every way, but a primary part of any Sunday supper in our house.