Monday, May 08, 2006

We were all about "things I have seen recently on America's Test Kitchen" this weekend.

First, I busted out the grill to "rethink barbequed chicken" with crazy faux pulled pork chicken sandwiches. My grilling technique was pitiful- I could not keep the grill hot enough to save my life- and I may have actually given us food poisoning. Or at least a tummyache. After all the work of removing the backbone from the leg quarters and setting up the grill just so with the drip pan and the cantilevered legs and the homemade sauce and the shredding and the processing of some of the chicken.... I realized I'd made tastier barbequed chicken by dumping a decent bottle of sauce on chicken pieces I baked.

(The blueberry peach cobbler I made for dessert and the very traditional mayonnaise-cream dressed coleslaw were good, though.)

Second, I made corn and black bean quesadillas, a recipe I snickered at when Cook's Illustrated first ran it because how hard is it to make quesadillas? But they looked so good when Julia and Bridget made them and I had a ripe avocado to serve with them... and people, the toasting the tortilla then stuffing, oiling and salting it before cooking, followed by a cooling period? Is a technique that will never make you think of quesadillas as greasy grody second rate bar food ever again. They were crisp and spicy and phenomenal. And as easy as any other quesadilla technique.