Tuesday, June 06, 2006

So I am once again trying the South Beach Diet, which is annoying to anyone who knows me because it is about the trillionth time I have done so. But this time I really mean it, and have been on it for three days, and will stick to it because I MUST lose promised 8-14 pounds before this wedding a week from Saturday or I will go insane. If I can't stick to this it is cabbage soup diet and therein lies even more madness, right?

Anyway, I bought the prepared beets from TJ's in anticipation of a week of beet and goat cheese plates with olive oil for lovely lunches. And then realized beets are not PERMITTED on the SBD until Phase III. (One time I met with a nutritionist who asked me what kind of vegetables I like and I said, "Oh, I love corn" and he was all, "That is probably the WORST kind of vegetable there is." Apparently I only love vegetables that do not help you lose weight at all.) So we wound up having this salad- greens and beets and panko-crusted goat cheese- for my last carb-loaded meal. I still wish I had bought bread to accompany it. Or maybe a croissant. Or eight.

SBD is not all that bad, really. These are both recipes from the book- gingered chicken which was more lemony than ginger, and a vinegary cabbage salad/slaw. Jeff LOVED the cabbage, and he hates cabbage. I wished there was mayonnaise on it. This is why I am on a diet, I fear.

Also, I wonder when Dr. Agaston will be sued by some family that dies of salmonella cooking the chicken breasts as he directs- sauteing on high for 8 minutes total "until tender." A chicken breast half will be pretty tender cooked that way. And, probably, raw on the inside. I pounded the chicken breasts flat first, and sauteed them on medium-high.

Skirt steak marinated in vinegar, which was delicious. Even if I used way more vinegar than Dr. Agatson recommends. He also recommend roasted peppers as a side dish, but it is way too hot here to turn on the oven, so instead I made the peperonata from A New Way to Cook. Which is so, so good. And made leftovers. Tonight I am going to put the leftovers in an omelet with some goat cheese.

I actually feel okay today- not nearly as nauseated and homicidal as I felt on the first two days. I am terrified that I will learn I am addicted to sugar as a result of all this and have to give it up forever or make peace with weighing 20 pounds more than I like. I want to get to a point where I can eat carbs and sugars in moderation and stay healthy-thin, like a French person. Also, this is totally not a diet blog. I'll shut up now.