Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jeff figured out how to disconnect the smoke detectors from the power source. Don't tell our landlord.

This means we had butternut squash pizza, and here is where I make a shameful confession- I am hooked on prepared food products. I'm practically Sandra Lee. I used the precooked beets from TJ's for the beet tzatziki, and pre-roasted peppers for the whipped feta. (I bought them from the same guy who sold me the feta, at the Farmer's Market, while hiding my face. I mean, do y'all know how easy it is to roast your own damn peppers?)

So I also of course used the pre-cut butternut squash for the puree I put on the pizza. And, because I am an idiot, assumed it was also pre-cooked. I discovered this was not the case when I put it in the food processor. And it shredded instead of puree-ing. I then figured I would just try cooking the shreds in some water and then repureeing. I hoped perhaps this would turn out to be a revolutionary cooking technique that would win me a job on America's Test Kitchen. I imagined the banter Chris Kimball and I would have- he would tease me for wearing goggles while chopping onions, I would point out that people with bowties have no room to mock... but of course the resulting puree was just, well, squash puree.

It was a pretty good pizza, though.