Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm probably not going to be posting here too much anymore- after three plus years,this blog has pretty much run its course.

When I started this, I really didn't have a lot of confidence in my cooking skills or in my menu planning ability, and this site was really a great way to experiment and learn and record my results. I threw in some local food reviews, and even terrible pictures, as time passed, but now my home cooking is pretty routine. I don't need a public record of my progress to keep me going. I have a few other side projects that are taking up most of my writing time. And, really, I feel like there are a lot of foodblogs that do it better.

I'll be continuing to post any LA-restaurant-discussion stuff over at Hannah Talks and maybe a successful menu or two, amidst the poking fun of personalized license plates and Bush-hating that is most of that blog.

Thanks for reading, it's been great.

And if you're looking for a GOOD new foodblog, check out Slow Cooked.