Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Trader Joe's Product of The Week: Those pre-sliced sweet potato spears. Even if you do not have a newborn, your life is too short to chop sweet potatoes into tiny spears to roast.

Thanks to these and some major team cooking efforts, we had meat (pork tenderloin) AND a vegetable last night. Triumph!


teri said...

For a whole year, I cut my own sweet potato spears, parboiled them, froze them on cookie sheets, bagged them, and then would roast them a dozen or so at a time for Adam.

When TJ's came to Atlanta earlier this year, I was so happy to realize that those days are OVER.

Hannah said...

Oh, god, the sacrifices you made! Poor Adam- I see his future listening to stories about back in the day, when there was no Trader Joe's and you walked to the Publix uphill both ways.

I am still not sure one needs prediced onion, but the sweet potato spears are BRILLIANT. I also have an unholy love for their frozen peas, but that is neither here nor there.

(Also, thank you so much for the hummus tip. I forgot they make eggplant hummus, which is divine.)

Teri said...

On really bad days, I can tell him about that time I tried to roast and puree my own pumpkin. The horror!

I'm with you on the pre-diced onion, but those sweet potato spears are far more labor-intensive. I love them.